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What is the SKC ?

The Sleepy Koala Club is the first self-sufficient charitable organization of its kind.
Through NFT projects, we are aiming to become the only charitable organization not relying on donors to give back and make a real difference.

To do so, 10% of the primary sales will be donated Team Trees which will be directly used to save the trees. Another 25% of the primary sales will go to our Community Wallet and DAO, which will be used to fund the communities various endeavours.

It's also worth noting that ALL royalties from secondary sales will be reinvested in our project through the community wallet and DAO.

Being an SKC NFT holder will allow you to become a voting member of the SKC DAO and of the Community Wallet.  In turn, the DAO will make regular contributions to various charities of the community's choosing whilst being financed by the Community Wallet's crypto holdings which will also be managed by the community.

The beauty of it is, no single person will ever be responsible for the DAO’s or the Community Wallet’s funds as every decision regarding their management will be put to a vote.

All these ideas are further discussed in the whitepaper written by our co-founders.

Who are the Sleepy Koalas?

Minting by the end of summer 2022, Sleepy Koalas will be the first NFT collection of the Sleepy Koala Club. Comprised of 4,444 unique Koalas resting in the Solana forest, this collection is your first point of entry into a select club of holders who care about the environment and who want to do something about it. Holding a Koala will grant you voting rights in the DAO and regarding the Community Wallet, thus making you a crucial member of the SKC. 


That's not all, on top of these benefits, 8 legendary Koalas are quietly roaming amongst the others. If you're lucky enough to be chosen by one of them (everyone has an equal chance of minting one), you will be awarded CRAZY real-life utility specific to each 1 of 1 Koala, like receiving a percentage of the secondary royalties and a trip to Italy! Keep your eyes open for a golden background!


Oh and by the way, hold 2 Sleepy Koalas for long enough and you can guess the rest.

What happens in the Solana forest stays in the forest...


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Sleepy Koalas for a good cause

Utility & Benefits
When you buy a Sleepy Koala you are not only buying a profile picture to flex on your Web3 friends, you are contributing to an amazing cause while benefiting from ongoing perks granted to Club members.

Preserving the forests

Our first order of business is to help the planet !
In these trying times for Mother Earth, we aim to make a series of upfront donations amounting to a total of 844 SOL following mint sell out.
Even in the event that the Sleepy Koalas don't sell out, portions of the mint revenue will still be donated. More details are given in our Roadmap.

We are currently looking for the right tree-planting foundation to partner up with in order to make a difference.

Selling out will mean hundreds of thousands of trees planted; talk about using NFTs for actual good in the world!

DAO - Treasury rewards

A large portion of the funds raised will go into the Club's Community Wallet: we aim to create a large crypto holding that can regularly give donations to the SKC DAO. Then, every year, 6 months or even 3 months, our community will be able to vote on charities they wish to donate the DAO's funds to.

The team will propose how the funds will be managed, what coins we hold and how we distribute the profits generated. The rest is up to you; the Koalas are king in the Solana Forest!

1 NFT = 1 vote. 

We want to reward holders who truly believe in the Sleepy Koalas' mission. Therefore, to participate in the Community Wallet's growth, you will need to own a Baby Koala.  To do so, SKC holders will need to hold two Koalas for a predetermined amount of time so they can get to procreating

Day 1 Staking

Another benefit of being an early Sleepy Koala holder will be day 1 staking.
Taking 2 of your Koalas off the market will grant you access to exclusive rewards like the ability to receive a Baby Koala, access exclusive merch and more! Stay tuned in our Discord for more info!

Stake more than 10 and you might just get lucky...


INBOUND! Once the mint is complete, holders who stake their NFTs will receive an airdrop containing the baby Koala, which will give you access to the community wallet rewards. 

More airdrops will be announced, which is why it is of primary importance that you join the Discord today!



Phase 1


With the idea to help make the world a better place by leveraging the power of NFTs, our team came up with the brilliant plan to develop the first self-sufficient private foundation. The Sleepy Koala Club will combine real word utility, charitable donations, growth participation, and much more all under one roof.

Phase 2

Presale / Sale

Presale: 1 SOL

Date: TBD.

Time zone: 7pm (eastern time).

(Mid August)

Sale: 2 SOL

Date: TBD.

Time zone: 7pm (eastern time).


Rarity tracker TBD

Phase 3

Upfront Donations

At 25% sold, donating 105 SOL

At 50% sold, donating another 105 SOL

At 75% sold, donating another 105 SOL 

At 100% sold, donating another 105 SOL

Upon sell out (before we even get started on our real mission), a total of 420 SOL will already have been donated!

Phase 4

SKC DAO and Community Wallet

After sellout, the Sleepy Koala Club DAO will be opened. This Decentralized Autonomous Organization will be registered as a private foundation, meaning that the funds will never be used to benefit any single person and will all be dedicated to various good causes of our holders’ choosing.

To ensure the prosperity of the Sleepy Koala Club, the team has decided to pledge the ENTIRETY of the secondary sales royalties to the SKC Ecosystem. More precisely, half will be allocated to the DAO and half to the Community Wallet. 

Not only will the DAO make regular contributions to various charities of our members’ choosing, but the Community Wallet will be used as a vehicle to facilitate the growth of our DAO and to distribute the funds, however our community deems fit.

The beauty of it is, no single person will ever be responsible for the DAO’s or the Community Wallet’s funds as every decision regarding their management will be put to a vote.

1 NFT = 1 vote.

Phase 5

Staking and Baby Koala Airdrops

To reward our early adopters (and HODLers),

our team has decided to implement a day one staking mechanism to eventually be eligible to receive an airdrop of a completely free Baby Koala!

All you need are 2 Sleepy Koalas to be staked to receive the airdrop!

Staking will give you access to exclusive merch as well.


*Supply will be very limited so stay tuned in the Discord for information in the near future for information relating to the Baby Sleepy Koalas.

Meet our Team

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Head of Marketing

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